. Распределительные центры - БАZА

Distribution centers BAZA

How it works?

Distribution Center

The warehouse terminal, which is a node in the supply chain from the manufacturer to the buyer, carries out distribution and logistics functions. Carries out acceptance and shipment of goods in the region of presence. Provides proper storage, handling and assembly of goods, control and batch accounting of goods using WMS technologies.

Partnership proposal DC BAZA

In Russian federation

Annual supply of imported and local fruits and vegetables. Provision of digital infrastructure for sales and accounting of products. Compensation for logistics and storage costs. Marketing support and financial rewards for the sale of marketplace products.

In other countries

Exclusive representation of the BAZA marketplace in the country of export, reimbursable provision of services within the framework of the export of goods to Russia from local manufacturers. The movement of all import-export trade through a local partner. Financial reward for escorting cargo.

Requirement and conditions

Own or rented refrigeration chambers, 2 years experience in the fresh fruit and vegetable trade, positive business reputation. Provision of documents about the company and an office for a representative of the BAZA Marketplace.



Interregional transportation of groupage cargo from 600 kg. / 1 pallet place along the routes:


Storage, sorting and packaging services at warehouse complexes in all regions of Russia.

The forwarder and surveyor can participate in the acceptance of the goods and represent the interests of the supplier. In assessing the quality of products, specialists rely on international standards and quality control regulations in Russia.

Financial factoring

Если покупатель воспользовался отсрочкой платежа на поставки по предзаказу, поставщик может получить от маркетплейса БAZA полную оплату товара в течение двух рабочих дней после его приемки.